Veteran's Day Concert & Celebration 2017

  Organ Piece
  Prelude "Once to Man and Every Nation"
  Welcome & Greetings
  National Anthem - Whitney Point HS Select Choir
  Pledge of Allegiance
  Opening Prayer Earl Howell, Chaplain Post 692
  Reading: "Veteran's Day Poem" - Written and read by: Christine Sullivan
  Hymn: "America The Beautiful"
  Reading: "Remembrance" - Rev. John Koopman, Written by: Adreanna Romano
  Song: "Patriotic Medley" - UCC Choir
  Reading: "November 1919" Russ Haberl - Written by: Madelynn Cummings
  Song: "Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor" - Whitney Point HS Select Choir
  Reading: "Freedom, Hero and Sacrefice" - Written and read by: Jenna Fox
  Song: "I Dream A World" - Whitney Point HS Select Choir
  Reading: "Veteran's Day" - George Marr, Written by: Faith Tierno
  Song: "God Bless America" - Whitney Point HS Select Choir
  Call to Offering - Offertory "Interlude on America" - Abigail Miller
  Reading: "POW/MIA Rememberance" - Larry Bourqur
  Song: "Tell My Father" - UCC Men's Choir
  Reading: Pair of Boots - George Estey, Written By: Dalton Krupp
  Hymn "My Country Tis of Thee"
  Bebediction - Rev. John Koopman
  Organ Piece "Battle Hymn of the Republic followed by "Taps" - John Sininger