Veteran's Day Concert & Celebration 2015

  Welcome & Greetings
  Perlude "Eternal Father, Strong to Save"
  National Anthem - Whitney Point HS Select Choir
  Pledge of Allegiance
  Opening Prayer Rev. John Koopman, Chaplain Post 692
  Reading: "A Time to Remember" - Maggie Roosa
  Hymn: "God of Ages"
  Reading: "Remember Me" - Rylee Gollogly
  Song: "Patriotic Medley" - UCC Choir
  Reading: "To Be a Veteran" - Logan Barnett
  Song: "America the Beautiful" - Carol DeJager - Bell Soloist
  Reading: "They Move Onward" - Maeve Fornillo
  Song: "America" - Whitney Point HS Select Choir
  Reading: "Don't Forget" - Nicole Bladee
  Song: "God Bless America" - Congregation
  Offertory "Never Let Go" - Abigail Miller
  Reading: "POW/MIA Remembrance" - Ray Stanton, U.S. Army
  Song: "Blades of Grass!" - UCC Choir
  Reading: "For All Those Who Served" - Jada Albin
  Hymn "O God of Every Nation"
  Organ Piece "Lord's Prayer"
  "Taps" - John Sininger