This benediction "God Is Still Speaking" is offered here free for any church choir to use. This was written by Tom Rasely, with the help of the choir at First Congregational Church in Greene NY. With their input, it went through six revisions before ending up in this present form.

There are no reprint fees, or any kind of compensation necessary. It is a gift to the UCC church at large. We would ask you to credit it as being "composed by Tom Rasely for First Congregational Church, Greene NY". We hope you will make good use of it.


In addition to Tom Rasely's "God is Still Speaking" the, Five Fold Amen by Greg Smiley is offered for free as well (no reprint fees / no compensation necessary)

To obtain a copy of the "God Is Still Speaking" or the "5-Fold Amen" Benediction you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher.

Link to a PDF file of the"God Is Still Speaking" Benediction
  Listen to MP3 version of "God Is Still Speaking"

Link to a PDF file of the"5-Fold Amen"
  Listen to MP3 version of the 5-Fold Amen

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